"Todd is more than just a video editor. He's a true artist that used photos, home movies, and a few hours of my family's time as the colors on his palette. I gave him a mountain of videotapes and photos, and he delivered back to me a video masterpiece that gives me smiles, laughs, wet eyes and goosebumps. I can't imagine how much time it took him to go through all those hours of tape. Yet, he did it... and somehow managed to find all the most important milestones and special moments of my son's life. Todd also found countless quick, little magical moments I didn't even remember, and weaved everything together in such a concise, masterful way, that it still boggles my mind when I watch it."

"Todd is creative, professional, easy to work with, funny, bald, extremely talented, and unique. Loved first working with him for my son's montage, and when it was time for my daughter's turn, I didn't consider using anyone else for a second. Highly recommend!"



"Words can't describe how thrilled I am with Todd's work. He's a genius at what he does, and such a joy to deal with, that he made the extremely stressful situation of preparing for the Bar Mitzvah weekend not just easier, but fun too. It speaks volumes that I'm not alone in being the only mother to use Todd for all three of my children's Mitzvah parties. Several of my friends have also used him over and over again. Trust me on this... if you want to be sure that both you and your party guests will love the video montage, CALL TODD!"


 "The personal touches in the video were remarkable. I am awestruck by the meticulous detail and time expended to create this lasting memory of our daughter. We watch it repeatedly with continued amazement and remains the talk of all our friends. Picture It this Way is not a typical montage company. They sincerely desired to fully understand our family and to incorporate new and archived photos and videos to capture our daughter's life so far in an exceptionally entertaining way, all in about twelve minutes."

"Todd's just the best at what he does. His montage chronicled my son's entire life in such an emotional, powerful way, words can't describe my feelings after watching it. Which I still do. Don't even think about using anyone else."

 "Todd created a phenomenal video for our triplet's B'nai Mitzvah. It was funny, touching, and meaningful, and it felt like our family. It was a video that everyone at the party loved. For months, people were asking for the name of the guy who 'did that amazing video.' Todd is also wonderful to work with, helpful, kind, and put a lot of effort into getting to know us. You should absolutely hire him. you won't be sorry"



 "Todd's definitely the guy to call if you need a video montage. We used him for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, and the montage was one of the highlights of the whole weekend. My relatives are still talking about it. Todd's extremely creative and a pleasure to work with. He's absolutely the best in the business."

Los Angeles