Hi! I created my first video montage way back in 2005. In the years since, I've created hundreds of montages, built a loyal client list based entirely on happy referrals, and turned my one time hobby into a full fledged production studio. I love what I do, and I never forget that every montage is a special one.

Picture It This Way Productions

Los Angeles

Todd Parker

The goals I set for my work are the same for every single montage I do.

Yes, I want the audience on the night of the big party to be entertained. I want their cheeks to hurt from smiling nonstop through the montage. I want them to laugh out loud at all the right parts. And when the video ends, I want them to scream and applaud with tear-filled eyes. 

But, what I really want, is to get that same exact reaction not just on the big night, but every time the family plays it at home as well. I want the video to become a priceless family possession that gets taken off the shelf and enjoyed for years to come.

That's what I want. And that's what I strive to do every time.

​                                                                                  Thanks for stopping by,